Binge Magick is a hard-hitting conspiracy rock band that blends funk, punk, alternative, and psychedelic rock into an experience that transcends reality.

Band Members

Joe Zoeller – Vocals/Bass
Bry Parade – Guitar
Austin Bullock – Guitar
Evan Mills – Drums


Binge Magick’s first demo tape Mescaline Jazz was recorded on a cellphone in their rehearsal space. Then they began playing dozens of live shows and building a fan base around Boston. As their presence in the local music scene grew, they released a live demo titled Live & Lush from AS220 in Providence, RI and On The Airwaves, a live performance on WEMF Radio in Boston, MA. In the fall of 2019 they released 2 singles titled Hentai Girl and Cocaine and Hookers from their upcoming debut album. On January 10, 2020 they released their 12 song debut albumĀ SUK EP LP: Balls from the Underground.